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Founded in 1999, Addictive Audio strives to bring consumers high performance quality audio products at an affordable prices. Addictive Audio is only sold and installed through Authorized Dealers with retail locations. This ensures that our products will be installed professionally to back the performance and quality we engineer into every product. The goal is for you and everyone that hears your sound system to get HOOKED

Addictive Audio is Passionate about car audio. Many manufacturers see their products as items that have a certain percent of return. We see them as woofers, amplifiers, speakers, etc. that once people get to experience them, they too will become passionate. If you look real close at our products you will see fine details and features that are often overlooked due to cost, mass production, or simply a lack of passion.  We engineer our amplifiers to match our speaker and woofer power ratings to make it easy to match products to one another.  We constantly search for the best components for all of our products and keep an eye out for better components as technology advances. If there is a way to make it better, Addictive Audio is on it.  Our products are even tested in real world scenarios before final production. When a new product is in the engineering stage we often give prototypes to our dealers to test in the environment for which they were designed. 

At this point you may be asking, “Why after this many years have I not heard of Addictive Audio until now?” We put a majority of our efforts into the build quality of our products. This in turn leaves little to go into fancy marketing programs. We feel it is much more important that our products are superior in performance and reliability, than to have a fancy marketing program that takes the majority of our budget, leaving little to go into the products.  Once you have the opportunity to hear our products you will become HOOKED.  This is the Addictive Audio recipe for steady and consistent growth two ears at a time.

Logo origin:

Many ask how the AA logo came about. Was it just a random mishap or thievery of another companies logo or what? Let’s set the record straight, it is our logo and it is completely original. We did not try and copy other logos and it was definitely not a mishap.  Since the letter “a” is the first letter of both words we knew the logo had to incorporate two “a” letters or an “a” shaped pattern.  The logo had to be symmetrical so it looked well balanced and even in nature. Lower case letters would not be acceptable because capital letters are dominent. The logo needed to stand for strength and what better shape to use than a triangle/pyramid. This being the strongest structure in the world and used in many different types of architecture including the great pyramids of Egypt, which are still standing. With that said and many designs and market research later, the two triangles representing the letters AA came to be. Together creating a larger triangle pointing upwards as a symbol of growth.   This new logo was soon followed by the slogan most commonly used to describe early Addictive Audio products, “One Hit & You’re Hooked.” This slogan has stood strong and still represents every product we manufacture.


Upon your first introduction to Addictive Audio you may ask, “If these products are so good why do they come in plain boxes.” The answer lies within the question itself, that is why our products are so much better. We invest more money into the product, not the package. Now we could maintain the product quality and print elaborate boxes, but this would result in the price increasing on the product you are purchasing or more realistically the nice box that is destined to be put in the attic or garbage can. 

Everything in Life is ADDICTIVE; AUDIO is Just the Most Important. Visit California Car Stereo Today

California Car Stereo – Custom Window Tinting Installation in Visalia

California Car Stereo Window Tint Service


Welcome to California Car Stereo, Central Valley’s only choice for window tint installation service!

The Finest Selection

Our films are available in a variety of shades with different light transmission levels to satisfy local tint laws. You can choose from high performance metallized films including Quantum™, HP True Grey, titanium, stainless steel bronze and charcoal or a full range of conventional non-reflective charcoal and grey films.

Benefits of the World’s Best Films

No purple or bubbly windows – ever. Guaranteed! lifetime warranty covers any defects. Receiving your warranty card is the best assurance you can get. You’ll know you have the finest film available and properly installed. Will not interfere with radio, cellular or GPS systems. Most durable, scratch-resistant coatings in the industry.

Reduce Your Exposure

The sun’s heat and damaging ultraviolet are the main causes of passenger discomfort and premature aging of your car’s interior. By rejecting up to 63 percent of the sun’s total solar energy and blocking almost 98 percent of damaging and harmful ultraviolet, our window films function just like a sunscreen—shielding you and your cars interior
from the sun’s damaging effects.

  • Total solar energy rejection performance ranging 16-42% ;
  • Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet rays, protecting automobile interiors from premature fading
  • Extruded-dyed polyester offers dark, matte finish that will not degrade with exposure to the sun.

This allows for the film’s unparalleled color stability, maintaining appearance without turning purple. Further, the films do not interfere with radio frequencies, maintaining complete use of cell phones, AM/FM radio and GPS. Both lines have scratch-resistant coatings and are easily cleaned and maintained. In addition, carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Skin Cancer Foundation: Do You Know…?

Year-round sun protection is important. The sun can penetrate through automobile and residential windows. It can damage your eyes, contributing to cataracts, macular degeneration, and eyelid cancers. Recently, to combat these hidden dangers, The Skin Cancer Foundation , expanded its Seal of Recommendation program. Now, in recognition of the need for extra forms of sun protection several other types of products have been awarded the Seal as well, including . . . a UV- protective automobile window film. Babies’ skin is extremely sensitive and can burn easily . In fact, babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of the sun. More teenagers and young adults are being diagnosed with skin cancer than ever before. This includes a rise in the deadliest form of skin cancer – melanoma.

American Academy of Dermatology:

Tinting automobile glass is an option that allows 3.8 times less UVA light to be transmitted to the interior of the car as compared to untinted window glass. In a 2004 study of UV transmission and color tint, grey tinted laminated glass provided the highest UV protection with only 0.9 percent of UVA light transmitted versus 62.8 percent transmitted through non-laminated clear glass. People who are considering tinting their windows should take their car to a professional auto detailing shop, in order to ensure that the tinting meets the federally mandated 70 percent of minimum visible light transmittance through the windshield.

California Car Stereo – Custom Car Alarm Installation in Visalia California



Welcome to California Car Stereo, Central Valley’s only choice for car alarm installation service!

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your vehicle, which is all the reason you need to trust California Car Stereo, Central Valley’s leading car alarm installation specialist – California Car Stereo.

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your vehicle, which is all the reason you need to trust California Car Stereo, Central Valley’s leading car alarm installation specialist – California Car Stereo. At California Car Stereo, we always place the safety of you and your vehicle ahead of the bottom line. We’ll help you select the system that’s suited to your individual needs – at a price that won’t break the bank.

Our Auto Alarm Provisions Include:
Sales, service and installation
Alarms with remote start
Keyless entry
GPS tracking
Viper car alarms
Clifford car alarms
We are authorized dealers for Viper and Clifford car alarms, two of the industry’s premier names.

Contact California Car Stereo today at (559) 627-6620 to set up your next service appointment, or browse our site for more information regarding our Auto Alarms.